MHP's Perutnina Ptuj sales exceeded 21 thou. tons in H1 2019

In H1 2019, MHP's Slovenian production asset, Perutnina Ptuj (PP), poultry sales constituted 21,014 tons, while poultry production reached 20,587 tons of chicken and turkey meat.

In Q2 2019, PP’s poultry production facilities produced 15,631 tons of chicken and turkey meat, while poultry sales constituted 15,835 tons.

"In Q2 2019 PP’s meat-processing (including sausages, convenience foods) facilities produced 8,372 tons, while sales constituted 8,430 tons. In H1 2019 PP’s meat-processing facilities produced 11,079 tons of meat-processing products, while sales constituted 11,092 tons," the report states.

During the first half of 2019, MHP poultry exports increased by 43% and reached 190,5 thou. tons compared to H1 2018 — 133,5 thou. tons.

Meat production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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