Ovostar Union cut dry egg products sale by a quarter

Ovostar Union reduced sales volume of dry egg products to 1 030 tons (–25% YoY), out of which 714 tons, or 69%, were exported (2018: 980 tons and 71%, respectively).

"The volume of liquid egg products sold grew by 20% YoY and reached 7 035 tons, out of which export sales totalled to 3 481, or 49% of sales volume, by 20% exceeding the level of the previous year (2018: 2 904 tons, or 50%)," states the company's report.

The volume of dry and liquid egg products produced was 1 525 tons (-8% YoY) and 7 214 tons (+19% YoY), respectively.

In the reporting period, 293 mln eggs were processed (+5% in comparison to the first half of 2018).

The average selling price of dry eggs products decreased by 8% YoY, being 4.59 USD/kg (2018: 4.97 USD/kg); average selling price of liquid egg products fell by 3% YoY to 1.43 USD/kg (2018: 1.47 USD/kg).

Ovostar Union's export sales increased by 10% as compared to the 6 months of the previous year and equalled to 335 mln eggs making up 55% of the total volume of eggs sold (2018: 294 mln eggs and 43%, respectively).

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