Nine EU export quotas filled by Ukrainian agriproducers

The Ukrainian exporters are actively using the right for duty-free exports to the EU. In the current year, nine quotas are already fully filled, UNN reports.

"As of August 22, 2019, 31 out of 40 tariff quotas are being used for duty-free export. Nine tariff quotas for corn, honey, grape and apple juices, sugar, processed tomatoes, starch, soft wheat, wheat flour and granules, barley and flour, butter and dairy pastes have already been fully filled," the report says.

The quota for starch and malt products is close to being fully filled — 99.9%.

According to the message, tariff quotas are also filled for barley, barley flour and granules (79.4%), poultry meat and prepared poultry products (75% of basic and 44.1% of additional), starch (65.9%), grain processing products (62.9%), malt and wheat gluten (59.1%), eggs and albumins (55.9% of basic and 38.4% of additional), bran, by-products and residues (53.6%), processed milk products (31.8%), dried milk (29.4%), garlic (26.7%), oats (18.0%), milk, cream, condensed milk and yoghurt (14.7%), processed sugar products (10.2%), ethanol (5.1%), other sugar products (4.6%), foodstuffs (2.6%), processed milk cream products (1.9%), sugar syrups (0.2%).

The Ministry of Economy and Trade of Ukraine informs that a number of Ukrainian products are subject to duty-free EU tariff quotas within the framework of a deep and comprehensive free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU.

Previously reported that in January-June 2019 exports of agricultural products from Ukraine reached USD 10.3 billion, USD 1.6 billion or 18.6% more from the corresponding period in 2018.

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