LANDFORT vested UAH 5 mln in pumpkin production

LANDFORT agriholding, a subsidiary of BKW Group, continues to develop a new branch in crop production, pumpkin cultivation.

The company has invested UAH 5 mln in this segment. Depending on the market conditions, LANDFORT will sell pumpkin seeds in the domestic or foreign market, said Oksana Kondratyuk, company's CFO.

In total, wheat and barley account for 44% of the company's cropping plan, sunflower — 30%, and other crops — 26% (corn, rape, peas, pumpkin, etc.). As explained by Oksana Kondratyuk, it is conditioned by the fact that the company's fields are located in the eastern region, where the most profitable crops are winter wheat and sunflower.

Earlier the company informed about the expected sunflower yield at the level of 2,2-2,5 t/ha in the current production season.

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