LANDFORT intensifies winter wheat, barley and rapeseed production

LANDFORT agriholding, a part of BKW Group, in the 2019/20 season plans to sow 17 thou. ha of winter wheat (2018: 15 thou. ha) and 2.5 thou. ha of winter barley (2018: 1.5 thou. ha). This was informed by the company's CFO Oksana Kondratyuk.

The company is currently finalizing the winter rapeseed sowing. Last year, the area under this crop totalled 0.5 thou. ha, while this year it reached 4.9 thou. ha. According to her, favourable weather conditions provided for a 10x increase in the winter rapeseed area this year.

As Oksana Kondratyuk said, the eastern region, where the company operates, has now favourable conditions for the autumn sowing campaign.

"Sowing campaign in 2019 is virtually the same as in 2018. The dollar exchange rate is lower, the price of diesel fuel is also lower, and salaries are increased by 10%. Agricultural companies that have been working on the market for many years now cooperate with the same seeds and agrochemicals suppliers. Therefore, the forecasted level of expenses for this autumn sowing season will not differ significantly from last year," said Oksana Kondratyuk.

The company contracted the delivery of fertilizers for autumn sowing in July at prices similar to those for the same period in 2018. Therefore, LANDFORT is fully provided with the necessary fertilizers for field works.

Earlier it was reported that agriproducers in 22 regions of Ukraine started winter rapeseed sowing campaign for the harvest 2020. As of August 27th, 630 thou. ha or 59% of the forecast (2018: 586 thou. ha) were sown.

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