Sowing Online 2019/20 Project now supplied with the weather forecast

Sowing campaign in Ukraine
Sowing campaign in Ukraine
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The Sowing Online 2019/20 Project created with the support of the Meteo Farm Agroweather Service has added new functionality. The sowing campaign map can now be used to track the weather conditions crucial for planning agro-technological operations.

After the modernization, the full meteorological forecast is now available for the whole area as well as for separate regions.

"When selecting an area on the map, readers will be able to analyze 10 main weather indicators for all areas: air humidity, rainfall probability, soil moisture, soil temperature and others. Thanks to this, it has become possible to react to their changes in a timely manner," said Dmytro Maksymenko, founder of Meteo Farm, about the new feature.

As of September 16, winter crops in Ukraine are sown on 840 thou. ha, representing 12% of the total of 7.3 mln ha.

By the data of the Sowing Online 2019/20 Project, the sown areas by the winter crops are as followed:

  • wheat — 779 thou. ha or 13% of the total of 6.2 mln ha;
  • rye — 32 thou. ha or 26% of 122 thou. ha;
  • barley — 29 thou. ha or 3% of 920 thou. ha;
  • rapeseed — 920 thou. ha or 86%.

Data in the project are updated daily based on the operational reports by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Meteo Farm Agroweather Service offers free testing and analysis of meteorological data in one field for one month with the notification on the phone feature.

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