Beef exports in Jan-Aug worth USD 70 mln

In January-August 2019, Ukraine exported cattle meat (fresh or chilled and frozen) for the amount of USD 70.6 mln.

By the data of the State Fiscal Service, Ukraine exported 10.05 thou. t of fresh and chilled beef worth USD 29.1 mln.

The key importers of meat in the reporting period are as followed:

  • Belarus — USD 20.3 mln;
  • Turkey — USD 8.7 mln;
  • Azerbaijan — USD 41 thou.;
  • others — USD 100 thou.

Over eight months of 2019, Ukraine supplied 13.6 thou. t of frozen cattle meat for the amount of USD 41.5 mln.

Meat production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

Frozen beef was supplied to the following countries:

  • Kazahstan — USD 15 mln;
  • Azerbaijan — USD 9.1 mln;
  • Belarus — USD 7.4 mln;
  • others — USD 9.9 mln.

Previously reported that Belarus, Turkey and the U.A.E. dominated the Ukrainian beef exports in January-July 2019.

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