EU supports land market reform in Ukraine

The EU supports the Government’s plans to open the land market in Ukraine. The move is believed to “unleash a huge potential for Ukraine’s economy,” informs NV based on the Facebook post of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

“The reform should be based on the rule of law and the principles of sustainability, transparency, fairness and inclusiveness,” indicates the post.

The Delegation emphasizes the importance of placing safeguards to this market opening that should prevent excessive concentration of land in the hands of a few operators. They believe it will ensure a fair treatment of small land owners willing to sell their land plots, and guarantee the rights of active small farmers willing to purchase agricultural land. 

“The EU will closely assess conditions under which the agricultural land market is going to operate and how safeguards are monitored during the land reform implementation,” notifies the post.

The bills on the land market might be considered by the Verkhovna Rada (the Parliament) in today’s first hearing. Earlier, the bills were presented for public discussions. The Government states that it is impossible to satisfy all market players, but it aims to balance the interests of all stakeholders, not a select few.

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