Dry egg products supply to the EU jumped 98% in 2018

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In the year 2018, Ukrainian producers exported 7.8 thou. t of dry and 6.2 thou. t of liquid egg products to the global market, 98% and 24% higher from 2017, respectively.

"The egg products market in Ukraine is still rather young, we can even say that it is at the initial stage of development. Until recently, domestic food companies preferred to buy eggs in their natural form, in shells. However, progressive trends are gradually penetrating into our country," said the Pro-Consulting analysts.

Already in 2009, 4.2 thou. t of dried egg products were delivered to the international market from Ukraine. In the current year, the export is forecasted to be almost 3x higher — 11.9 thou. t.

"The largest volumes of exports were recorded in 2013-2014, but then, due to the loss of production capacity in uncontrolled areas, the growth rate was lost, and in 2015 there was a drop of 40%," the report reads.

The opening of the EU market influenced the structure of egg products output in Ukraine. Since the European Union mainly consumes liquid egg products, many domestic producers refocused on this type of products.

As forecasted by the Pro-Consulting analysts, the production of dried egg products in Ukraine will develop intensively in the medium term. Next year, it will reach 13.5 thou. t, and by 2023, it will grow to 16.9 thou. t.

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Previously reported that in the period of Jan-Oct 2019, poultry eggs export from Ukraine increased by 34% YoY to 117.6 thou. t.

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