Grain crops areas in the season 2020 expanded

Areas under winter grain crops for the country's next crop totalled 7.6 mln ha, 0.2% more from the previous year.

As informed by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the cropping plan includes the following crops:

  • winter wheat — 6.41 mln ha (0.6% less y-o-y);
  • winter barley — 1.05 mln ha (3.9% more);
  • winter rye — 134.6 thou. ha (16.7% more);
  • winter rapeseed — 1.29 mln ha (0.3% more).

Odesa, Zaporizhzhya and Mykolaiv regions lead in terms of sown areas volume with 1.045 mln ha, 862 thou. ha and 750 thou. ha, respectively.

In Ukraine, winter crops for green feed were sown on an area of 1.35 mln ha.

Previously reported that in 2019, the area under corn in Ukraine increased to 4.97 mln ha, 8.6% more from 2018. This grain crop has been demonstrating stable trends towards increasing areas in recent years.

Agricultural specialization of Ukrainian regions (click for full resolution)

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