Hybrid rye yielded 2x higher from regular

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The growing demand for hybrid rye in Ukraine is driven by the levels of yields. This was informed by Jurii Akulenko, Seed Production Manager at KWS-Ukraine, in the 7th episode of the Rye of Great People video blog.

The regular rye yields 2.8 t/ha, whereas hybrid rye provides 3.6-5.5 t/ha.

"Currently, the culture of production and consumption of hybrid rye is not fully realised. There exists a stereotype that rye grows of the soils where nothing else can be cultivated and that this crop after it is seeded needs no other treatment. Unfortunately, it is far from the truth," he stressed.

He also noted the importance of the appropriate production technologies application for achieving an economically effective yield of this grain crop.

According to Vasiliy Basun, head of the Ranok private farm, the advantage of hybrid rye is that, firstly, it is more resistant to pests and, secondly, it has a lower seeding rate.

In spring 2019, rye prices in Ukraine reached UAH 14 thou. per ton.

As of Jan. 3, rye exports from Ukraine totalled only 5 thou. t since the start of 2019/20, 75 thou. t less y-o-y.

Agricultural products export from Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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