UKROLIYA's sunflower oil exports to China make up 350 t

UKROLIYA exported 350 t of organic high-oleic unrefined sunflower oil to China in January 2020. According to experts, the world market has seen a reduction in carryovers of vegetable oil from year to year due to faster consumption growth against production rate. This process is particularly rapid in China.

"There is a huge number of customers in China, the population is approaching 1.5 bln. A significant proportion is represented by the middle class — about 37%, i.e. more than 500 mln people. It is difficult to meet all this market's needs, but finding a niche and holding it is absolutely feasible," the report says.

As noted by the company, there are perspectives for mutually beneficial cooperation between Ukraine and China.

"The market is enormous. The growing welfare of the population and the interest in imported products guarantee market success," the message reads.

As a reminder, UKROLIYA shipped the first export consignment of organic refined sunflower oil to Myanmar in January 2020.

Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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