UKROLIYA ranked second largest organic sunflower oil exporter in 2019/20

UKROLIYA was ranked second largest organic sunflower oil exporters from Ukraine in the 2019/20(September-August) season in terms of the total supply volume.

The company's share in the total product shipment from Ukraine reached 32%.

"We have also expanded the geography of organic sunflower oil sales. In January 2020, the company shipped the first consignment of organic oil to Myanmar, and in July to Canada. We also put a lot of effort into developing our organic oil brand, GARNA Organica. In 2020, the product became available in Silpo and METRO retail chains," the company says in a statement.

Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

In November 2020, China authorized ARC UKROLIYAPRODUKT for the export of sunflower meal.

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