Ukraine exported most of the produced in 2019 rapeseed

As of Jan.1, 2020, Ukraine exported 3 mln t of rapeseed produced in 2019, the Ukroilprom Association reports.

A slight decrease in the export of sunflower meal (by 5%) is associated with an increase in its domestic use during the winter period, especially in December, the Association writes.

"A significant rise in exports of soybean oil and meal was driven by the growth of their production in Ukraine. It was largely facilitated by the improved conditions for domestic soybeans processing," the report says.

Oil and fat products export in Sep.-Dec. 2019/20 revised upward as follows:

  • sunflower oil — 102.3%;
  • soybean oil — 168.4%;
  • soybean meal — 170.8%;
  • rapeseed oil (July-December) — 105%.

Previously reported that Ukraine exported more than 2 mln t of sunflower oil in Sep.-Dec. 2019/20 vs. 1.96 mln t in the previous season's corresponding period (+2.4%).

Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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