ViOil intensifies high-oleic sunflower oil production on growing demand

Since the start of the current production season (September-August), the ViOil Industrial Group's crushing plants provided for the processing of 155 thou. t of high-oleic sunflower.

The Group is intensifying high-oleic sunflower oil production on the growing demand for the product in the world market.

"In terms of its nutritional characteristics, high-oleic sunflower oil is no less valuable than olive oil. Since small companies produce olive oil, its price is stably high. The use of high-oleic oil allows producing high-quality and useful foodstuffs at an affordable price," said Bogdan KoroviyHead of Sales Department at the ViOil Industrial Group.

According to him, all high-oleic products are exported by the company. Its main buyers are the European Union member states, namely Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the markets of Southeast Asia — China and Japan.

"We are in a continuous search for new markets. This marketing year we started supplying high-oleic oil to Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore," said Bogdan Koroviy.

He also said that in spring the Group's facilities plan to process about 80 thou. t of high-oleic sunflower seeds.

Previously reported that in 2019/20 Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant, a structural division of the ViOil Industrial Group, output of soybean oil is one of the highest in the country.

Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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