EU approved higher grain quota for Ukrainian wheat

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The European Union (EU) approved licenses to import 926 t of Ukrainian wheat under the year's tariff-rate quotas (TRQ) for grains, Successful Farming reports.

As reported, the total volume of wheat quota imports approved for the current year increased to 67.177 t, with most of it being booked for duty-free deliveries from Ukraine.

"Importers also applied for 3.230 t of Ukrainian barley in the latest week but no requests were made for corn, the data showed," the message reads.

Since the start of 2019/20, Ukrainian seaports have shipped 34.2 mln t of staple grains for export vs. 26.39 mln t in the prior season's comparative period. As of Jan. 22, commodities shipment increased by 7.8 mln t from the comparative period of the previous year.

Agricultural products export from Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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