Eggs export from Ukraine boosted 28 pct in 2019

Egg exports from Ukraine in 2019 totalled 137.1 thou. t for the amount of USD 111.93 mln. This indicator is 28% or 29.6 thou. t higher from the prior year's comparative period, 107.5 thou. t.

As reported by the State Customs Service of Ukraine (SCSU), the key markets for Ukrainian birds' eggs (in shell) in the reporting period are as followed:

  • the U.A.E. — 34.82 thou. t worth USD 28.43 mln, 25.4% of supplies;
  • Iraq — 16.27 thou. t, USD 13.29 mln, 11.87%;
  • Hong Kong — 15.42 thou. t, USD 12.59 mln, 11.25%;
  • other countries — 70.59 thou. t, USD 57.63 mln, 51.49%.

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Egg import supplies to Ukraine equalled 5.21 thou. t, 53% more from the 2018 year's volumes, 3.39 thou. t.

Animal products output in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

Previously reported that Ovostar Union sales volume in shell eggs segment fell by 17% to 1 147 mln eggs (2018: 1 381 mln).

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