ViOil facility produced 150 thou. t of unrefined vegetable oil since the season's start

Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant, a structural division of the ViOil Group of companies, has produced 153 thou. t of unrefined vegetable oil since the start of 2019/20.

"The ViOil industrial group is investing in the development of its facilities. The most advanced equipment is installed at Vinnytsya OFP, allowing us to increase the volume of oilseeds processing," commented Dmitriy Chalenko, Chairman of the Board of Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant.

As stated by the company, Vinnytsya OFP holds a 6.2% share of Ukraine's market for oil and fat products in the reporting period (Sep-Jan).

Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

Earlier it was reported that in January 2020 Ukraine exported 581.47 t of sunflower oil worth USD 422.6 mln.

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