Ukraine-China trade turnover decreases on coronavirus outbreak spreading

In 2019, China outpaced the EU in terms of import volumes growth from Ukraine, but due to quarantine measures imposed in 2020, trade between Ukraine and China may be severely affected, reports.

"Despite a relatively low indicator, China in 2019 imported more of Ukrainian ag commodities than the EU: exports to the EU increased by USD 1,008.6 mln, and to China — by USD 1,252.3 mln," the message reads.

Russia reduced the purchase of Ukrainian goods and ranked first in terms of the decline rate in export relations with Ukraine. In 2019, it purchased Ukrainian goods worth less than USD 294.6 mln, Iran cut the procurement by USD 265 mln, and India — by USD 240.9 mln.

As a reminder, in the period of December 2018 – November 2019, Ukraine exported agricultural products worth €7.3 bln to the European Union. The country is one of the three largest exporters in this segment.

Agricultural products export from Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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