NIBULON's St. Mykolai transshipped record volume of agricultural products over years of operation

St. Mykolai self-propelled crane of NIBULON transshipped 9 mln t of agricultural commodities for export having serviced 526 international vessels over 6.5 years of its operation.

"Every year NIBULON demonstrates the best export results, and in 2018/19 the company exported a record 5.21 mln t of agricultural products. Among other things, the achievement of such indicator was facilitated by the effective work of St. Mykolai, which actively operated on the external roadstead of the commercial seaport Mykolaiv and performed about 31% of all handling operations, which is more than 1.6 mln t (a record set by floating crane for all the years of its operation)," the report says.

As noted by the company, the increase of grain export to 6 mln t is planned for 2019/20. The floating crane has already transshipped more than 1 mln t of grain cargoes since the start of the current season.

In the year 2019, NIBULON river transportation totalled 3.8 mln t. The company aims at increasing this indicator to 5 mln t, 31% up.

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