All regions in Ukraine started spring crops sowing campaign

Spring crops sowing campaign is currently conducted in all regions of Ukraine. This was announced by Taras Vysotsky, Deputy Minister for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine.

"All regions of Ukraine have launched a sowing campaign of early spring crops: wheat, barley, oats and peas. As of Mar. 19, about 4% of the planned area was sown, that is about 600 thou. ha," said Taras Vysotsky.

As reported, the projected area under major spring crops (10) totals 15.26 mln ha, 0.3 mln ha more from 2019. The share of corn and sunflower in the structure of spring crops is expected to increase, whereas barley, soybeans and sugar beet share will decrease.Agricultural specialization of Ukrainian regions (click for full resolution)

As a reminder, Ukraine's gross crop production in 2020 is forecasted to reduce by 5.1% from the previous year.

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