Grain price monitoring Telegram Bot available in Ukraine

Telegram Bot for grain prices monitoring
Zernotorg launched a multi-function Telegram Bot for grain prices monitoring
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An electronic platform for grain trading,, has launched a Telegram Bot. This instrument features all the necessary information about grain prices thus the user does not need to visit the company's website, reports.

"There are Telegram Bots alike, but our product is distinct from them. In addition to prices in ports featured by other Bots, our instrument provides prices in farms having taken into account logistics. One can learn grain prices in any spot of Ukraine, but not just in Mykolaiv and Odesa. Surely, our Bot features the section "Prices in Ports" and we added price charts to traders offers. In other words, one can monitor price change for grain crops. Besides, we added a number of other charts for the market situation analysis, including correlation of growth with the dollar exchange rate, comparison of prices with last year's level, comparison of our prices with quotations on the CME," says the founder of and projects Aleksandr Mashchenko.

The new instrument features the following services:

  • price calculation in farms;
  • prices in ports;
  • price charts;
  • comparison charts with last year's prices;
  • charts comparing with the dollar rate and prices on the CME;
  • subscription to the mailing list of prices for selected crops;
  • prices for forward contracts.

A number of features of the new instrument are free, all options of the chatbot are available only to paid subscribers of

According to Aleksandr Mashchenko, the new tool will be helpful for agricultural producers as they will be able to analyze prices in their farms on a regular basis and see seasonal price trends. Traders will be able to build a strategy on forward sales. The Bot will also help grain storage operators in their work.

"The grain storages will be able to better serve customers: one can calculate prices in any location, get an indicative cost of agricultural products. This will allow to accurately cost grain residues and facilitate communication with third parties. Many grain storages act as an intermediary between traders and farmers, the Telegram Bot will facilitate in forming the best offer for clients," explains Aleksandr Mashchenko. chatbot is available by the link.

Earlier it was reported that the level of prices for agricultural products traded by the enterprises of Ukraine in Jan-Feb 2020 decreased by 9.4% YoY.

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