Sowing Online 2019/20: corn areas 44% sown

As of April 23, corn sowing in Ukraine was carried out on the area of 2.4 mln ha or 44% of the planned areas.

Early spring grain, leguminous and industrial crops in Ukraine are sown on an area of 7.8 mln ha or 52% of the projected areas. Provided by the data of the Sowing Online 2019/20 Project, sown areas by spring crops are as follows:

  • wheat: 119 thou. ha, 90% of the planned 132.5 thou. ha;
  • barley: 1.073 mln ha, 98% of 1.1 mln ha;
  • oats: 93.5 thou. ha, 98% of 95.6 thou. ha;
  • peas: 385.4 thou. ha, 97% of 396.5 thou. ha;
  • corn: 2.4 mln ha, 44% of 5.4 mln ha;
  • sugar beet: 199.8 thou. ha, 96% of 209 thou. ha;
  • sunflower: 3.2 mln ha, 52% of 6.2 mln ha;
  • soybean: 237 thou. ha, 17% of 1.4 mln ha.

Agricultural specialization of regions in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

Mykolaiv (+314 thou. ha over the past week), Poltava (+274 thou. ha), Kirovohrad (+257 thou. ha), Odesa (+247 thou. ha) and Zaporizhzhya (+218 thou. ha) regions have progressed most in spring sowing campaign so far.

The project was created in partnership with BASF.

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