NIBULON inland water transportation progresses 9%

NIBULON river transport
NIBULON's floating crane in the port of Mykolaiv
Photo by: пресс-служба «НИБУЛОН» / NIBULON

In 2019/20, NIBULON’s shipping company transported more than 3.8 mln t of various cargoes by inland waterways, having exceeded the previous marketing year’s result by 9%.

The company’s fleet transports grain, metal, coal, building materials (piles, plates, crushed stone, sand, etc.), Kherson watermelons and melons, as well as oversize cargoes.

Last marketing year, the NIBULON MAX 140-m floating crane shipped for export almost the same volume of grain as other NIBULON’s floating cranes shipped during the same nine-month period. As a result, in 2019/20 the company’s fleet shipped for export more than 3.2 mln t, 20% more YoY.

"It is important that in 2019/20, the share of floating vessels provided by third parties for conducting loading and unloading operations reduced by 85%. The company won’t use third parties' services in the near future," the message reads.

NIBULON plans to transport 4.5-5 mln t of cargoes by Ukrainian rivers in 2020, thereby reducing traffic load on Ukrainian highways and saving state costs paid for road repair.

Previously reported that the EBRD supported the company's liquidity for trading operations and withstanding the COVID19-caused crisis with a USD 27 mln loan.

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