Grains and legumes 48% harvested in Ukraine

Grain and leguminous crops harvesting in Ukraine progressed to 27 mln t as of July 30. The campaign has covered 7.2 mln ha or 48% of the planned areas. The gross grains, legumes and rapeseed production has reached 28.8 mln t (+7.4 mln t wk/wk) on 8.1 mln ha.

The Economy Ministry reports the following crops harvested volumes:

  • wheat: 18.3 mln t on 4.8 mln ha (72% of the planned)
  • barley: 6.9 mln t on 1.9 mln ha (82%)
  • peas: 448 thou. t on 197 thou. ha (85%)
  • rapeseed: 1.8 mln t on 845 thou. ha (75%)

Follow the updates with the Harvest Online 2020 project. The project is developed in partnership with Soufflet Agro Ukraine.

As a reminder, since the start of 2020/21, staple grains export shipment from Ukraine has reached 2.52 mln t. Wheat exports as of Aug. 3 reached 1.26 mln t, 158 thou. t lower YoY.

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