Early grains yielded higher in ROSTOK-HOLDING

Farms of ROSTOK-HOLDING have completed harvesting campaign. Under the preliminary data, yield indicators are among the highest in the regions of the company's presence, the message reads.

Wheat yielded 5.47 t/ha on average. In Hlukhiv district of Sumy region, this indicator reached 6.07 t/ha, in Novgorod-Seversky district of Chernihiv region 4.51 t/ha. Rye was produced only in Novgorod-Seversky district using the average yield of 4.57 t/ha.

"The application of modern technologies, such as precision farming in particular, and thanks to the efforts of our employees, we achieved some of the best results in the regions of our operation," commented Andrii Shvab, the company's CEO.

Follow the updates with the Harvest Online 2020 project. The project is developed in partnership with Soufflet Agro Ukraine.

As a reminder, agriproducers of Poltava region finalized early grains and legumes harvest on 330.2 thou. ha: the new harvest reached 1.56 mln t using the average yield of 4.72 t/ha, 0.21 t/ha higher (5%) from 2019.

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