Export of flour 27% lower so far 2020/21

Since the start of 2020/21, flour export shipment from Ukraine has made up 23.1 thou. t, 8.7 thou. t (27%) less from the prior year's comparative indicator (31.8 thou. t).

The information and analytical portal of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine reports that by Aug. 10 exports reached the following indicators:

  • wheat flour: 23.1 thou. t, 8.6 thou. t or 27% less from the comparative period of 2019/20
  • other types of flour: 0.1 thou. t, 0.1 thou. t or 50% less

Product shipment from Ukraine in 2019/20 made up 334.2 thou. t. Flour exports in the 2018/19 season reached 301.4 thou. t vs. 413 thou. t in 2017/18.Basic food production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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By 2025 the volume of world flour consumption may increase by about 20 mln t compared to the current level and reach apx. 400 mln t.

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