Agrain carried out rebranding

After the French SAS INVESTCOMPAGNIE acquired a stake in the Agrain Agro Group, the company started the renovation process. The first step was rebranding and from September 2020 the company will start working with the new logo and motto.

The new motto of the company is "Think as innovators. Work as leaders. Care as a family".

Agrain rebranded

"Renewed style, philosophy and way of presenting the brand is connected with a new level of development of our company, with new opportunities in communication with our partners and customers. After all, improvement means change. Agrain is undergoing an active transformation, both internal and external, strengthening its position both in crop and livestock production, as well as in logistics and elevator business. By preserving internal values and renewing the external appearance, we become stronger," director of Consult Agro Pavel Mamin said.

Rebranding services were provided by the Mukovoz Design studio — a Ukrainian design studio specializing in the agrarian sector.

Note: Agrain specializes in the production, storage of grains and oilseeds, animal husbandry and logistics services. The company operates 100 thou. ha of farmland. The French company SAS INVESTCOMPAGNIE owns eight agricultural enterprises of the Group.

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