Rapeseed yield drop estimates within 25-28%

Rapeseed production in Ukraine in 2020/21(September-August) is expected to decrease by 25-28% to 2.5-2.7 mln t from last year's indicator as a result of adverse weather conditions during the sowing campaign, the oil markets analyst at APK-Inform Julia Ivanitskaya stated.

She also noted that the previous season's outturn was record-high at 3.5 mln t.

"Ukraine is one of the few countries that managed to increase rapeseed production in 2019/20. And due to the fact that there was a crop failure in Australia, Ukraine managed to get into the TOP 5 largest rapeseed producing countries. In the current season the country will again fall to the 6th position, giving way to Australia," added Julia Ivanitskaya.

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As of September 28, rapeseed sowing for the harvest 2021 progressed to 620.2 thou. ha accounting for 61% of the planed 1.01 mln ha.

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