Winter crops sowing 27% completed in Ukraine

As of September 28, agriproducers in all regions of Ukraine started winter crops sowing for the harvest 2021. As reported by the information-analytical portal of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, planting was completed on 2.2 mln ha accounting for 27% of the planned 8.2 mln ha.

"Despite the weather variability, winter crops sowing is progressing in Ukraine. Agrarians are fully provided with all the required resources for the autumn sowing campaign. Sowing rate is within the planned dynamics," Minister for the Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Ihor Petrashko announced.

Winter crops sowing progress on the reported date:

  • wheat: 1.5 mln ha, 25% of the planned 6.1 mln ha
  • barley: 61.2 thou. ha, 6% of 946.3 thou. ha
  • rye: 28.7 thou. ha, 22% of 133.2 thou. ha
  • rapeseed: 620.2 thou. ha, 61% of 1.01 mln ha

The highest sowing rate was achieved by Sumy (67%), Luhansk (63%) and Zhytomyr (60%) regions.

As a reminder, the Economy Ministry cut its estimate for corn and sunflower production in the current season as severe drought hit most of the key production regions.

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