A.G.R. Group completed corn harvesting

Misak Khidiryan's A.G.R. Group agricultural holding completed corn harvesting on an area of 27.1 thou. t.

Upon the campaign completion, holding's analysts took stock of this season's corn and soybean production productivity:

  • corn: 7.8 t/ha
  • soybean: 2.7 t/ha

"This is a strong result for us and it is higher than the average yield in Ukraine. The year 2020 with its "surprises" did not prevent us from achieving such indicators. All because we prepared for the sowing and harvesting season in advance and experimented a lot and introduced new technologies," said the Chairman of A.G.R. Group Igor Shestopalov.

As a reminder, agriproducers in Ukraine harvested 28.8 mln t of corn on 5.3 mln ha or 98% of the planned areas as of December 10. Corn average yield totals 5.41 t/ha.

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