Best agricultural photos 2020 contest finalized, 11 nominations winners named

Latifundist Media in partnership with LNZ Group finalized the results of the contest for the best agricultural photo of 2020 in 10 thematic and one special nominations.

As a reminder, the reception of photos started on the eve of Agricultural Workers Day and lasted until December 15. During this time, the jury of Latifundist Media editors and the photogenic partner of the photo contest, LNZ Group, received more than 500 photos from more than 150 participants.

The partner of the best agricultural photo of 2020 contest was the first to choose the winner in the special category "LNZ Group's Choice". A special gift from LNZ Group goes to Lyudmila Krasiuk.

Lyudmila Krasiuk, the nomination "LNZ Group's Choice"

Although each work was special in its own way, fascinating with its own distinctive feature, by the decision of our jury, the winners and the best agricultural photos 2020 were determined in all 10 agrarian nominations. The winners will receive gifts from LatifundiMag and the contest partner LNZ Group.

The winners and nominations:

Marietta Bunevich in the nomination "The most romantic agricultural photo"

Gnat Chernysh in the nomination "The most unusual perspective for agricultural machinery"

Maxim Volchenko in the nomination for "The best photo of an agricultural building"

Dmitry Pariy in the nomination "I love AGRO"

Lilia Shveda in the nomination "Close-up of a disease"

Ruslan Miller in the nomination "Pests are all-time companions of agronomists"

Anna Reyvakhovskaya in the nomination "Cattle breeding rocks"

Irina Glutskaya in the nomination "Macro photography of agriculture"

Vera Yerifa in the nomination "Hands covered with fuel oil"

Irina Kuralekh in the nomination "Best agricultural screensaver for smartphone"

More photos can be found on the contest web page.

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