switches to Ukrainian as main language, English and Russian remain becomes 100% accessible in Ukrainian becomes 100% accessible in Ukrainian
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Since 1 December 2021, main language is Ukrainian with both English and Russian versions of the website preserved.

The editorial office has announced this transition several times. Our readers have noticed that the Ukrainian version of the site has been advancing in recent months. A complete transition was a matter of time. Today, on December 1, we have made it happen.

It was a deliberate decision, not just a legal or time-based requirement. It demanded additional human resources, costs. But we are committed to it.

From now on, all publications and information on and our social networks will be in Ukrainian. Part of the content will be published in Russian and English (Twitter).

There will be mistakes and technical adjustments in this process. So we will be grateful for your patience, support, and cheering up.

Konstantin Tkachenko Editor-in-Chief

" celebrated its 10th anniversary in summer. We had a strategy session where we made the final decision to switch to Ukrainian. In fact, the team has long been moving in the direction of the Ukrainian language as the main language. This is an in-house story, and to be honest, we were pushed to this by our readers. As for the Russian-language version, it will retain about 30% of the content published." has published a tremendous amount of information over a decade. It is impossible to translate it all at once. Some sections in the Ukrainian version, in particular the Dossier and Companies, will be updated.

Sofia Yaroshenko Deputy Editor-in-Chief

"On December 1, 1991, the All-Ukrainian referendum on Ukraine's independence was held, and today, on December 1, 2021, our website starts publishing 100% in Ukrainian. All articles and news will be published in Ukrainian. We have been preparing for this moment for a long time. So, dear readers, let's move forward together! Glory to Ukraine!"

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