UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO covered 22% of total flour export from Ukraine in 2020

A production facility of UKRPROMINVEST-AGROVinnytsya Bread Factory No.2, preserved its leading position among flour producers and exporters from Ukraine in 2020.

The processing enterprise produced 138.8 thou. t of flour, which makes up 10.1% of the total production in Ukraine last year.

The company's export shipment totalled 48 thou. t or 21.5% of the total flour supply from the country. Palestine, China and Moldova are the key markets in the reporting period.

"In 2020, Vinnytsya Bread Factory No.2 developed retail sales of its products in the Ukrainian market. Products under the TM "Vinnytsya Mlynar" are now available in the largest retail chains of Ukraine," the company says in a statement.

As of January 29, flour export from Ukraine reached 84.7 thou. t, 61% lower YoY.

In the period July-December 2020/21, flour production in Ukraine totalled 656.3 thou. t, 158.5 thou. t or 19.45% less from the relevant period of 2019/20.

Production of basic foodstuffs in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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