Grain elevator to be constructed in Chernihiv region

KMZ Industries will supply equipment for the construction of the first phase of Power Corn Trade's new grain elevator in Pryluky, Chernihiv region.

As reported by the company, the construction of the first phase of the grain storage will start in May of the current year. A total of three phases are planned, after which the enterprise's total storage capacity will be 42 thou. t.

KMZ Industries will manufacture the following elevator equipment for the first phase:

  • flat bottom silo with a total storage capacity of 12,635 m3
  • KBS grain cleaner with a capacity of 150 t/h
  • Brice-Baker grain dryer 12/48 with a capacity of 90 t/h
  • conveying equipment (chain conveyors and bucket elevators) with a capacity of 100 t/h

"Since the client, a farm enterprise, had a limited budget for the construction of such a high-capacity complex, the project was designed to be built in several phases. As early as in May, the first equipment will be delivered onsite and assembly will begin — it will provide for receiving new crop grain in autumn and getting profit, which will be invested in the next phases. In particular, new silos for temporary storage of grain, another Brice-Baker dryer and other equipment will be delivered," commented Vlad Perekhodko, head of the regional office of KMZ Industries.

He noted that Power Corn Trade had recently diversified into agribusiness. According to him, the company had previously dried grain with a mobile dryer and sold it "from the wheels". To handle both its own and toll raw materials, the company requires more powerful stationary drying and cleaning equipment and modern storage capacity.

As a reminder, in 2021 a number of companies plan to complete the earlier initiated construction and launch new projects in Ukraine.

Grain storages in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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