Eleven companies in Ukraine to construct grain elevators in 2021

Agricultural companies in Ukraine continue to expand their elevator storage capacity in 2021. This year, some companies will complete the projects started in 2019-20, while others are planning to expand and start new construction from scratch.

According to Elevatorist.com, if the announced plans for the construction of grain storage facilities are implemented, the capacity of the elevator market of Ukraine will increase by at least 430 thou. t.

Eleven companies will increase their capacity in 2021, including:

  • Epicentr Agro is set to continue the construction of a new elevator on the territory of Antoninsky Grain Storage in Khmelnytsky region, which started in 2020. The floor storage facility will be transformed into a modern 100 thou. t silo elevator. In addition, the expansion of Vinnytsya elevator was rescheduled for 2021. After the completion of the work, the capacity will grow to 375 thou. t.
  • Kernel will finalize the Starokostiantyniv crushing plant construction in Khmelnytsky region. The first phase of the complex is 70% ready. Upon completion of construction, it will be one of the largest oilseeds crushing plants in Europe — its annual designed capacity is 1 mln t.
  • Grain Alliance intended to double the storage capacity of the Nizhyn elevator in 2020, but this plan was postponed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic spread. Now the company is actively working to prepare the site for future construction. After the construction is completed, the storage capacity of the elevator will grow to 48 thou. t.
  • A.G.R. Group is determined to build an elevator complex in Poltava region. Currently, the company is looking for investors for the new facility and conducting design and paperwork.
  • Ristone Holdings group of companies is now building a new grain storage facility in the Pereschepino branch of the Orel United Elevator. Grain storage will be expanded by 16 thou. t. A separate auto-receiving point will be built, a unit for grain drying and cleaning will be installed.
  • The company Nyva Bila is prepared to build a 40,000-ton elevator in Ternopil region valued at USD 4.7 mln. The complex will cover about 8 ha most likely on the territory of Chortkiv-West industrial park. The works at the site will continue through 2022.
  • Golden Agro elevator owned by Batkivshchyna company started operating in 2020. The elevator is located in Rubizhne town of Luhansk region. This year, it will add 30 thou. t to its total capacity. After the completion of the second phase, the enterprise capacity will increase to 55 thou. t.

Grain storages in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

  • Zahidny Buh company this year launches the construction of an elevator, mill and pasta production line in Zbarazh town in Ternopil region. Investments in the new elevator will reach UAH 103 mln, in the mill UAH 125 mln, and in the pasta production line UAH 175.5 mln. The launch of the projects is planned for 2022. The company also intends to increase the capacity of existing elevators in 2021. For this purpose, Zahidny Buh will allocate UAH 93 mln. As a reminder, now the company has 4 elevators in Lviv region, their combined capacity is 108 thou. t.
  • Agroindustrial company Magnat will expand its grain elevator in Chernihiv region. The enterprise was built in 2020 in just 122 days. This year, AIC Magnat plans to double the storage capacity of the elevator by adding 45 thou. t.
  • In spring 2021, the construction of a new complex for the processing of agricultural products will begin in Cherkasy region. The complex will include a 40 thou. t elevator, a mill, a plant for the production of feed and vegetable oil. A total of EUR 32 mln will be invested in the construction. A land plot in the town of Zvenyhorodka has already been allocated for the project.
  • A new 20-30 thou. t grain elevator may appear in Donetsk region. Elvara company is planning to build one in Seversk town on the site of a former dolomite plant. The city council has allocated a land plot of 18 ha for the new project. The first phase investment is UAH 80-120 mln. In the future, the elevator capacity may be increased to 100 thou. t. A flour mill will also be built.

Previously reported that Cygnet Agrocompany elevators received 285 thou. t of grain in 2020.

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