Ukraine's wheat flour export set another record low in March

Wheat flour export from Ukraine in March totalled 4016 t, the lowest volume shipped over a decade, head of the Association Millers of Ukraine Rodion Rybchinsky says, the APK-Inform consultancy writes.

"The last time such a low volume of monthly exports was recorded in 2010/11, when the volume of wheat flour shipments from Ukraine in January 2011 amounted to 3445 t. Such a negative result in the volume of wheat flour exports in March 2021 further aggravates the negative dynamics of exports in the current season. In total, during 9 months of the season 2020/21 (July-March), the export of wheat flour from Ukraine amounted to 97.3 thou. t against 266.5 thou. t during the prior-year comparative period," he marks.

The association expects that the rapid drop in prices for Ukrainian wheat on the export and domestic markets will probably improve the situation with flour exports for the rest of the season.

"At the same time, the total volume of wheat flour exports from Ukraine will not exceed 120-130 thou. t," Rodion Rybchinsky estimates.

As of March 29, flour export from Ukraine dropped by 64.43% YoY.

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