Egypt booked shipment of Ukraine milling wheat

The Egyptian national buyer GASC bought 345 thou. t of milling wheat for August 1-10 loading period during a tender on April 6, Zerno On-Line reports.

Under the GASC message, the purchase included 290 thou. t of Russian and 55 thou. t of Ukrainian wheat.

Wheat will be supplied by:

  • GTCS: 110 000 of Russian wheat at 234 $/t and $18.75 of freight, 252.75 $/t
  • Agro AST: 120 000 of Russian wheat at 234 $/t and $18 of freight, 252 $/t
  • Olam: 55 000 of Ukrainian wheat at 232.9 $/t and $19.25 of freight, 252.15 $/t
  • Grain Export: 60 000 of Russian wheat at 233 $/t and $18 of freight, 251 $/t

Wheat production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

The Agritel consultancy reports that despite export taxes in Russia, the Black Sea is competitive with the lowest price offered at 233 $/FOB + $18 freight, i.e. 251 $/CIF, and the highest at 234 $/FOB + $18.75 freight, i.e. 252.75 $/CIF.

"On a CIF basis, the contracted price is barely above $250, compared to $300 during the previous tender of 11 March, which concerned old crop," the message reads.

Previously reported that wheat flour export from Ukraine in March 2021 totalled 4 016 t, the lowest volume shipped over a decade.


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