Koudijs launches premixes production plant in Lviv region

In Lviv region, the company Koudijs Ukraine will start a plant for the production of vitamin-mineral complex mixtures (premixes) for farm animals. The plant costs EUR 4 mln, Zaxid.net reports.

As reported, production is scheduled to start in late April. The new facility will produce mineral and vitamin mixtures for feeding farm animals — cattle, rabbits, pigs, broiler chickens, etc. In addition, the company already has a plant in the village of Khyl'chytsi for soybean and sunflower processing, as well as production of feed for poultry and pig farming.

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The mill has already been built, imported equipment has been delivered and installed under the supervision of engineers from the Netherlands and Poland. The plant is in the process of adjustment and, if all procedures are completed successfully, production of premixes should start in late April or at the beginning of May.

"There are similar productions in Ukraine. For example, in Dnipropetrovsk region, there is a huge mill constructed 5-6 years ago. But progress in this area is persistent. Our plant will feature new equipment that will enable us to produce high-quality products," comments Dmytro Burban, the company's commercial director.

The plant's designed capacity is 1,500 t of finished product per month. The company plans to supply it primarily to the domestic market, but in the future, some part of the premixes may be sold abroad.

"This investment was intended primarily to meet the needs of the Ukrainian market, livestock and poultry, as it has been developing well recently. This plant will also have all the necessary certificates for export, and we assume that we will be sending some of our products for export," Dmytro Burban adds.

The head of ARIA Commodities UKRAINE Oleg Levchenko earlier stated that the annual production of mixed feed in Ukraine is about 6 mln t.

Mixed feed production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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