EVT loaded its first 80 thou. t DWT Panamax

In late April, Eurovneshtorg (EVT) grain terminal in the port of Mykolaiv loaded the largest vessel ever processed. EVT loaded corn onto Panamax size vessel Georgia T of 80,000 DWT.

Two ship-loading machines were used simultaneously for grain handling, resulting in higher efficiency and shorter shipment time for this class of vessel.

"EVT terminal handles Panamaxes on a regular basis. When dealing with such vessels, it is important for us to minimize the time spent at the berth. At the beginning of 2021, we put the second NEUERO ship-loading machine into operation and the intensity of vessel handling doubled. We can load about 35-40 thou. t per day. This is the most competitive indicator in the Mykolaiv water area," says Sergei Gunko, director of the port operator EVT Grain.

As reported by the company, the principal volume of the vessel's cargo — 49,000 t in 1.5 days — was loaded at the complex's berth. The remaining 22,000 t were shipped onto barges for the subsequent loading on the vessel at the roadstead.

Such practice of handling high-tonnage vessels is common for the Mykolaiv water area due to draft restrictions when passing the Bug-Dnipro-Lyman Canal (BDLC). The bulk carrier received a total of 71,000 t of corn aboard.

EVT is the third-largest export terminal in Ukraine. The terminal started handling Panamaxes in late October 2019.

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