Astarta-Kyiv advances third-party grain storage services

In the current production season, Astarta-Kyiv grain storages plan to increase the volume of grain intake from third parties up to 300 thou. t, Viktor Sydorenko, deputy head of the elevator business department for commercial issues, informs in an interview with

It is noted that this season the share of third-party contractors amounted to 20% of the total intake. Last year Astarta-Kyiv elevators received 811,000 t of grain.

"This is a result that we have the potential to increase. The company's grain elevators have strong production potential for this," says Viktor Sydorenko.

The company is working on the distribution of vehicle logistics flows during the busy season, in particular, to reach its goals.

"In past seasons, harvesting was rather quick and it was carried out simultaneously in all farms. Therefore, the elevators need to organize the process so that they can receive both their own grain and that of our partners on time. Technically, as has already been said, the elevators can receive a large volume. There is an issue of internal logistics — to establish uniformity of flows. One of the possible solutions is to speed up grain reception. Though, even today it takes our elevators 8 to 15 minutes to handle one truck. But we believe that 15 minutes is a lot, and we want to reduce this parameter even further," he marks.

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The company plans to distribute its own and third-party grain flows by day and night, as well as by time.

Previously reported that the market cap of Astarta increased by 22.4% to USD 280 mln in the period April 22-28.

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