Top 100 Wealthiest includes 28 Ukrainian agribusinessmen

NV compiled its traditional ranking of the Top 100 Wealthiest Ukrainians. The new list includes 28 representatives of the Ukrainian agribusiness.

The total wealth of the businessmen ranked is USD 47.4 bln, the highest since 2014. However, this amount is below the 2013 estimate when the cumulative wealth of the top 100 made up USD 67 bln. The year 2011 was a record one with USD 83.7 bln.

The rating includes the following agribusinessmen:

  1. USD 11.54 bln — Rinat Akhmetov, founder and President of System Capital Management (SCM), a parent company of HarvEast agroholding
  2. USD 2.44 bln — Vadim Novinsky, beneficiary of Smart-Holding
  3. USD 1.52 bln — Petro Poroshenko, beneficiary of ROSHEN, President of Ukraine in 2014-19
  4. USD 1.46 bln — Alexander and Galina Gerega, founders of Epicentr K, a parent company of Epicentr Agro
  5. USD 1.71 bln — Dmitriy Firtash, founder and owner of Group DF (Ostchem being a structural division of the Group)
  6. USD 833 mln — Sergei Tigipko, owner of TAS Group (TAS AGRO being a structural division of the Group)
  7. USD 581 mln — Yuri Kosyuk, owner and CEO of the agro-industrial holding MHP
  8. USD 514 mln — Andrei Verevskiy, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kernel, and Ruslan Verevskiy
  9. USD 459 mln — Alexey Vadatursky, CEO of NIBULON
  10. USD 404 mln — Vitaliy Khomutynnik, Cascade Investment Fund ultimate beneficiary
  11. USD 388 mln — Vladimir Kostelman, CEO of Fozzy Group
  12. USD 331 mln — Pavel Ovcharenko, ex-head of Agrain agrogroup
  13. USD 220 mln — Valery Kiptyk, co-owner of Olvia Corp.
  14. USD 211 mln — Vitaliy Antonov, founder of OKKO Group, a parent company of OKKO Agrotrade
  15. USD 208 mln — Aleksandr Petrov, Chairman of the Board of IMC
  16. USD 202 mln — Vadim Nesterenko, founder of Ristone Holdings
  17. USD 186 mln — Sergei Krolevets, owner of the company Eridon
  18. USD 175 mln — Roman Chigir, co-owner of Fozzy Group
  19. USD 175 mln — Oleg Sotnikov, co-owner of Fozzy Group
  20. USD 165 mln — Taras Barschovski, owner of T.B. Fruit
  21. USD 137 mln — Fedor Shpig, co-owner of Milk Alliance
  22. USD 130 mln — Viktor Ivanchyk, CEO of the agro-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv
  23. USD 128 mln — Serhii Labaziuk, honourary president of Vitagro
  24. USD 114 mln — Egor Grebennikov, co-owner of TIS Group
  25. USD 113 mln — Andrey Stavnitser, co-owner of TIS Group
  26. USD 112 mln — Boris Kolesnikov, co-owner of the companies APK-Invest and KONTI
  27. USD 111 mln — Dmitriy Kravchenko, head of the Supervisory Board of LNZ Group
  28. USD 103 mln — Rafael Goroyan, head of Prometey Group of Companies

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