Agribusinessmen represent a third of the wealthiest Ukrainians rating

The rating of the TOP 100 wealthiest people of Ukraine compiled by the Focus magazine features 35 businessmen having agricultural assets.

"Ukraine's GDP in 2019 totalled USD 410 bln, and the fortune of the hundred richest in Focus' rating stood at USD 42.1 bln. The nominal average monthly salary in the country is USD 427, i.e. just above USD 5 thou. a year. The average fortune of a dollar millionaire on the list is USD 248.6 mln," the message reads.

The rating includes the following businessmen:

1st place — Rinat Akhmetov, founder and President of System Capital Management (SCM), with USD 7.3 bln

3rd — Dmitriy Firtash, founder and owner of Group DF (Ostchem being a structural division of the Group), with USD 1.8 bln

5th — Petro Poroshenko, beneficiary of ROSHEN and UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO, President of Ukraine in 2014-19, with USD 1.3 bln

6th — Alexander and Galina Gerega, founders of Epicentr K, with USD 1.2 bln

8th — Ihor Kolomoyskyy, co-owner of Privat Group, with USD 1.2 bln

9th — Gennadiy Bogolyubov, co-owner of Privat Group, with USD 984 mln

10th — Vladimir Kostelman, CEO of Fozzy Group, with USD 856 mln

14th — Aleksandr Yaroslavsky, owner and President of DCH Group (Kharkiv Tractor Plant being a structural division of the Group), with USD 686 mln

17th — Yuri Kosyuk, owner and CEO of the agro-industrial holding MHP, with USD 618 mln

19th — Vitaliy Khomutynnik, owner of Cascade Investment Fund, Member of Parliament of Ukraine in 2002-19, with USD 550 mln

20th — Kostyantin Zhevago, founder of Ferrexpo, with USD 539 mln

21st — Sergei Tigipko, owner of TAS Group (TAS AGRO being a structural division of the Group), with USD 506 mln

22nd — Egor Grebennikov and Andrey Stavnitser, co-owners of TIS Group, with USD 459 mln

23rd — Vadim Ermolaev, founder of the Alef company, USD 452 mln

24th — Gennady Butkevich, co-owner of ATB Corporation, with USD 433 mln

25th — Victor Karachun, co-owner of ATB Corporation, with USD 433 mln

26th — Evgeny Ermakov, co-owner of ATB Corporation, with USD 433 mln

32nd — Andrei Verevskiy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kernel, with USD 337 mln

35th — Sergei Krolevets, owner of the company Eridon, with USD 282 mln

41st — Stanislav Voytovich, co-owner of Terra Food group of companies, with USD 263 mln

50th — Alexander Kuzminsky, founder and owner of the Globino group of enterprises, with USD 201 mln

56th — Rafael Goroyan, head of Prometey Group of Companies, with USD 169 mln

61st — Boris Kolesnikov, co-owner of the companies APK-Invest and KONTI, with USD 151 mln

66th — Evgeniy Sigal, co-founder of Agromars, USD 140 mln

72nd — Aleksandr Derkach, co-owner of the holding Milk Alliance, USD 133 mln

80th — Dmitriy Kravchenko, head of the Supervisory Board of LNZ Group, with USD 106 mln

82nd — Vladimir Misik, founder of the holding Kulinichi, with USD 105 mln

84th — Andriy Bohdan, co-founder of Ukrainian Agrarian Holding company, with USD 101 mln

85th — Petro Rud, owner of the company Rud, with USD 100 mln

86th — Mykola Solskiy, co-founder of Ukrainian Agrarian Holding company, with USD 99 mln

90th — Victor Ponomarchuk, Chairman of the industrial group ViOil, with USD 85 mln

92nd — Vasily Astion, Head of the Board of Directors and co-founder of Dnipro Agro Group, with USD 84 mln

95th — Boris Belikov, the CEO of Ovostar Union, with USD 72 mln

96th — Vitaliy Veresenko, co-owner of Ovostar Union, with USD 72 mln

97th — Taras Barschovski, owner of T.B. Fruit, with USD 71 mln

98th — Vsevolod Kozhemyako, founder and CEO of Agrotrade Group of companies, with USD 66 mln

99th — Viktor Ivanchyk, CEO of the agro-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv, USD 65 mln

Note: Focus assessed the value of the portfolio based on indicators of all key companies owned by the rating participants. The spotlight was on Ukrainian business assets. In case of proven ownership of foreign assets, they were also taken into account. In the presence of a declaration of property status, the real estate owned by the participant, as well as bank accounts and dividends from the business were considered.

As a reminder, more than 30 agricultural companies are included in the rating of companies by their level of income.

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