MHP envisages EUR 35 mln investment in its Serbian subsidiary Perutnina Ptuj

MHP agro-industrial holding has started actively investing in the industrial cuisine in Ukraine and the company projects around EUR 35 mln of investment in the production capacity of its Serbian subsidiary, Perutnina Ptuj (PP), the Chief Financial Officer Viktoria Kapelyushnaya informs, Ukranews writes.

Viktoria Kapelyushnaya

Chief Financial Officer


"We are enhancing our capacity in Serbia. The total investment will reach EUR 35 mln."

According to Viktoria Kapelyushnaya, several production sites are now being constructed in Serbia, one of them has already been completed.

MHP financing in the production expansion in Croatia was about EUR 10 mln.

The CFO added that part of the investment in these countries is covered by local subsidies.

MHP is currently holding tenders and negotiating with a partner in Saudi Arabia to launch a new project. Viktoria Kapelyushnaya noted that the company remains interested in new purchases in Europe.

In 2020, Perutnina Ptuj chicken and turkey meat production grew by 48%.

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MHP consolidated revenue in 1Q 2021remained stable and amounted to USD 447 mln (1Q 2020: USD 442.7 mln).

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