HarvEast applies fertilizer spraying drones for prolonged rainfalls

HarvEast agricultural holding is applying fertilizer spraying drones in response to adverse weather conditions.

"If we can't treat the fields from the ground, we can do it from the air with drones! It seems that not so long ago UAVs were a rarity for us, but already today they serve the agrarians reliably along with tractors and other machinery," the company comments on Facebook.

As informed by Ruslan Mazurenko, director of a subsidiary of HarvEast, Ilyich-Agro Donbas, the soil in the fields is saturated with moisture due to prolonged rainfall. In such conditions, it is impossible to use standard and customary methods of applying crop protection products.

"June is rainy this year. While ground sprayers are waiting for dry weather, new technologies, advanced and bold solutions have stepped in. We at Ilyich-Agro Donbas have found a way out, and in rainy weather, we use drones to apply fertilizer. Accuracy of application and speed are the advantages of using drones for spraying. In the near future, an agro drone will become as necessary as a tiller or combine harvester, and we are already actively using it today and developing this area," Ruslan Mazurenko adds.

Previously the company informed about its investment in an irrigation system in the fields of Kyiv region.


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