ROSTOK-HOLDING invests UAH 50 mln in livestock farming advancement

ROSTOK-HOLDING group of companies plans to invest UAH 50 mln in livestock development in Novhorod-Siversky.

The agricultural company is comprehensively reconstructing barns for cows in the village of Hrem'yach, building a feed room and a silage pit. By the end of September, the dairy herd is planned to increase to 205 cows, and in 2022, after the complete reconstruction of the barns, the farm will house 400 cows.

"The time has come for a complete reconstruction of the second barn. The milk will not come into contact with the farm staff or the air. It will be extra-class, so dairy plants will pay more for it," says Vyacheslav Bulashenko, chief zootechnician.

ROSTOK-HOLDING purchased a farm in 2014. In 2016, the company bought Holstein dairy heifers. Today, according to the chief zootechnician, there are 120 dairy cows and 50 heifers on the farm.

"It is, indeed, a wreck now. There should be a modern farm employing the latest technology. Now we are investing UAH 45-50 mln," says Dmytro Kupavtsev, director general of the agro-industrial holding.

ROSTOK-HOLDING invested USD 2 mln in the modernization of its 75,000 t grain storage in Glukhiv town of Sumy region.

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