Continental Farmers Group harvests a total of 189 thou. ha in 2021 crop year

The agricultural holding Continental Farmers Group (CFG) has launched a new crop campaign. The company is harvesting early grains, winter barley.

Winter rapeseed, wheat and rye campaigns will follow.

During the first wave of the harvesting campaign, CFG's farms are planning to cut 89,400 ha, including 43,400 ha of winter wheat, 33,200 ha of winter rapeseed, 11,900 ha of winter barley and 529 ha of rye.

"In view of the temperature conditions, the harvesting campaign started with a slight delay, but we were prepared for such circumstances and expect to complete the harvesting of early crops within the planned time frame. A cool and prolonged spring had a positive impact on the development of winter crops. They had a long growing season and, accordingly, were able to form a potentially high yield. The crops are in good condition. We expect the planned bulk yield from the first wave", comments Vitaliy Stavniychuk, CFG's operational director.

He also added that the company is fully equipped with machinery. During the harvesting season, Continental will deploy 97 of its own combine harvesters, 11 of which are the new New Holland CR8.90 purchased this season. For the delivery of the harvest from eight of Continental's production clusters, 746 trucks will be used. The company's elevators are 100% ready to receive and store grain.

Continental expects the heaviest load in the first wave of harvesting between 10 July and 5 August. According to preliminary forecasts, the second wave of the harvesting campaign will start in early September. In total, the company plans to harvest over 189,000 ha this season.

Winter crops in CFG's cropping plan 2020/21:

  • wheat: 43.4 thou. ha
  • barley: 12.2 thou. ha
  • rapeseed: 33.3 thou. ha

Sunflower area amounts to 37 thou. ha, corn covers 31.9 thou. ha, soybean 27.9 thou. ha

Potato production areas in the 2021 season were expanded to 1.9 thou. ha or by 11.8%.

The company tendered harvest services on the online platform Salesbook.

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