New crop campaign in Odesa region covered over 72% of areas, grain production reached 2.15 mln t

Agriproducers of Odesa region harvested the second million tons of new crop as of 2 August, the Region State Administration's Agrarian Department reports.

The Department of Agrarian Policy, Food and Land Relations of Odesa Region State Administration informs that as of the reporting date, 533.57 thou. ha of early grain and leguminous crops were threshed (72.4% of the proj. area), new crop production amounted to 2.15 mln t.

"To date, the highest yield is reported in winter wheat in Podilsk district, 4.4 t/ha; in winter, spring barley and peas in Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky district, 5, 3.64 and 2.91 t/ha, respectively," says Alla Stoyanova, the head of the Agrarian Department.

Grains production leading districts:

  • Berezivka: 298.13 thou. t on 79.5 thou. ha
  • Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky: 225.52 thou. t on 51.71 thou. ha
  • Podilsk: 194.8 thou. t on 44.25 thou. ha

"The average yield today in the region is 4.04 t/ha, including winter wheat 4.11 t/ha, winter barley 4.14 t/ha, spring barley 3.26 t/ha, peas 1.9 t/ha," adds Alla Stoyanova.

Winter barley production leaders:

  • Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky district: 212 thou. t
  • Bolhrad: 181 thou. t
  • Izmail: 112 thou. t

As of 29 July, the new crop campaign in Ukraine progressed to 37% of the projected area. The bulk yield of grains and legumes reached 24.29 mln t.

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