Wheat yields 6% lower in Russia, production passed 47 mln t

As of August 3, agriproducers in Russia harvested 19.5 mln ha of grain and leguminous crops, the bulk yield reached 62.4 mln t. The average yield amounted to 3.2 t/ha, 8% below the previous year, the Agrarian Ministry reports.

Crop progress in Russia on the reporting date:

  • wheat: 47.7 mln t on 13.8 mln ha, using the average yield of 3.43 t/ha, 6% down YoY (2020: 3.66 t/ha)
  • barley: 10.5 mln t on 3.6 mln ha, 2.88 t/ha, 11% down YoY (2020: 3.25 t/ha)
  • rapeseed: 517.4 thou. t on 185.7 thou. ha, 2.79 t/ha, 15% up YoY (2020: 2.42 t/ha)
  • potato: 322.8 thou. t on 10.7 thou. ha, 30.26 t/ha

SovEcon revised downward the forecast for wheat production in Russia in 2021/22 to 76.4 mln t.

As of 29 July, the new crop campaign was 37% completed in Ukraine. Agriproducers harvested 24.29 mln t of early grain and leguminous crops. The average yield stood at 4.27 t/ha.

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