14 sugar plants in Ukraine started 2021/22 season

As of 22 September, beet sugar production in Ukraine reached 90.6 thou. t. Sugar beet processing by the refineries on the reporting date stood at 746.9 thou. t, the National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine (Ukrsugar) reports.

Plants operating in the 2021/22(September 2021-August 2022) sugar production season (by launch date):

  1. 21 August – Panda (Selyshchansky Sugar Plant), Cherkasy region
  2. 1 September – Gaisyn Sugar Plant of FC Zorya Podillya, Vinnytsya region
  3. 3 September – Chervonsky Sugar Mill, Zhytomyr region
  4. 5 September – Radekhiv Sugar (Khorostkiv Sugar Plant), Ternopil region
  5. 7 September – Salyvonkivskyi Sugar Plant, Kyiv region
  6. 10 September – Radekhiv Sugar (Khorostkiv Sugar Plant), Ternopil region
  7. 13 September – Kryzhopil Sugar Refinery of FC Podillya, Vinnytsya region
  8. 13 September – Zhdanivka Sugar Plant of Astarta-Kyiv, Vinnytsya region
  9. 13 September – Starokostyantynivsugar, Khmelnytsky region
  10. 15 September – Tomashpil Sugar Plant of FC Zorya Podillya, Vinnytsya region
  11. 15 September – Cygnet Centr of Cygnet Agrocompany, Zhytomyr region
  12. 16 September – Lannivsky Sugar Plant, Poltava region
  13. 19 September – Yuzefo-Mykolaiv Agricultural and Industrial Company, Vinnytsya region
  14. 21 September – Novomyrhorod Sugar (Kapitanivka Sugar Plant) of I&U Group, Kirovohrad region

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The sugar beet area in Ukraine in the 2021 crop year is 227.14 thou. ha, in 2020 it was 209.01 thou. ha.

As of 16 September, sugar beet harvesting in Ukraine was 5% completed, the crop yielded 47.74 t/ha on average.

In the current production season, beet sugar output is projected by the Economy Ministry to reach 1.4 mln t, 30% above the previous season's outturn.

Sugar industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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